When Machines Get Smart

FactoLearn offers in-house machine learning. This Facto solution finds and applies patterns using datasets analyzed with FactoLyze. FactoLearn communicates with large-scale SQL. FactoLearn provides systems the ability to automatically improve.

  • Machine Learning algorithms utilize the manufacturing execution system (MES) that captured and stored information. Data is analyzed to develop patterns and trends that compare with current and historical data collected by the FactoGrid. FactoLearn is a continuous learner.

  • FactoLearn can predict future failures or break-downs. This information gives you the needed response time to take preventative measures. You can save the company from downtime and lost profits. FactoLearn provides actionable intelligence in real time.

Allow Your Machines To Learn

We work with you to embed a library that best serves your needs. You will have one cohesive system integrating machine learning.

  • Building your own artificial intelligence (AI) solutions is simplified and cost effective with FactoLearn. FactoLearn is embedded with multiple machine learning libraries which are adapted to suite your business needs. You have a choice of libraries and metrics, such as Tensorflow, NumPy and SciPy. The metrics you select to evaluate your machine learning model influences how performance is measured and compared.



We power FactoLearn with Apache Spark, a unified analytics engine. Unified analytics merges data science and data engineering to accelerate AI innovation for enterprise organizations. The lightning-fast engine helps FactoLearn: 

  • Get predictive analysis-based alerts
  • Keep machine learning in-house
  • Store, analyze and report using large-scale SQL
  • Experience a scalable, efficient and integrated batch processing system
  • Build fault-tolerant streaming applications capable of recovering lost data

As humans, we use past experiences as a part of our learning processes. Teach your automation system to do the same. FactoLearn engages the intelligence of your system in responding to data.

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